Vertical Blurscapes for Sale

Original Blurscape Oil Painting for sale by John Diehl

"Clearing 228" oil on canvas 38"x26" by John Diehl

After painting and selling the Blurscape paintings I’ve received a lot of feedback on the series.  One of the most requested elements was vertical rectangles for the paintings.  For the longest time I worked solely with square canvas and gradually incorporated rectangle canvas.  Every once in a great while I would paint a blurscape on a vertical rectangle.  As of recent I’ve come to really enjoy the look of the vertical blurscapes and have begun painting a lot more of them.

I believe this format lends really well to showcase the sky and providing a great balance for the painting in general.  The great aspect of the size is that this style of painting can fit into smaller spaces while still being a medium sized painting.  Some even say that the vertical orientation of these paintings make it appear more like a window looking out onto the landscape.  Be sure to check back in the art gallery and online gallery for more of these vertical blurscapes!

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