The Ribbon Painting at Diehl Art Gallery

“Clearing 108″ by John Diehl
oil on canvas 34″x34″ $500

This week at Diehl Art Gallery there has been an exciting addition to the art gallery. The first ribbon painting has been hung and is available to the public. The ribbon paintings are the rarest of my paintings as only one other ribbon has been made available and was purchased at it’s first private showing over 3 years ago.(pictured below):

“Snow Day” by John Diehl 2007
oil on canvas 18″x24″
private collection
“Snow Day” was such an early painting that it was before the “Blurscape” paintings were ever painted and you can see how the landscape is an early blurscape. The ribbons were worked on and off for over 7 years now as I continued to refine the drawing process of them. As of recent I’ve been painting them and more ribbon paintings will become available. Visit the Diehl Art Gallery to see the newest ribbon painting!
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3 Responses to The Ribbon Painting at Diehl Art Gallery

  1. WitchyEditor says:

    LOVE the ribbon painting!

  2. painterchum says:

    cool ribbon painting. that looks like a nice gallery you have there. all the best for your success with it.

  3. greysqrl says:

    Lovely paintings. Good luck with the gallery :)

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