The Painting is in the Details | Detail Pics of my Knifescape Paintings

     One of the questions I’m asked alot is how much detail is in one of my knifescape paintings.  I use 3 different size painting knives that range in size from 1″ to 1/4″ which give different effects.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell how much detail or paint is used on my paintings so I’m going to show you 2 different paintings along with the detail pictures.

First we have “Rolling Field 7″ which measures 25″x33″

And now for the detail of the sky:

Now for the tree and field:

As you can see up close the painting has a lot of small things happening and when you step back the painting completes itself.  This is the same principle that the impressionists used in their paintings.  The human eye will always try to form and identify an image when it looks at an object.  
This idea takes on a different take with my next knifescape painting.  Here we have “Tempo 9″ which measures 32″x55″
Now for a close up detail of “Tempo 9″
     Up close this painting can take on many different images and meanings.  Many people have said they see faces, birds, trees, branches, water, and marine life in these paintings.  It’s the same idea as when you spend an afternoon looking at clouds.  At first they’re just clouds but the longer you sit and let your eyes “see” you start to notice different objects within the clouds.
     I think this is why a lot of people have a hard time appreciating expressionist painting and art.  They just have a glance and say big deal, just like glancing at a slow moving group of clouds.  But if they’d give a moment and allow their vision and imagination to wander they will start to notice alot more than a painting is going on in front of them.  So the next time you are out on a beautiful day or viewing art give yourself a few minutes to really view what’s in front of you.  In order to appreciate something you must spend time with it.  
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  1. Salmagundi says:

    Beautiful! Nice hats too! :)

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