The 100th Blurscape | "Clearing 100"

“Clearing 100″ 34″x34″ Oil on canvas, 2009
In just under a year I have completed my 100th Blurscape oil painting “Clearing 100″. To commerate this milestone I wanted to do something special and unique which I immediately knew what I wanted to do, a black and white blurscape. It’s the only black and white blurscape I’ve painted and makes for a great milestone which sets it apart from all the other blurscape oil paintings of mine. Once this painting is dried I will be framing it in a new way that will be completely 21st in nature.
With the painting of this blurscape I’ve taken some time to reflect on this series which suprising wasn’t all that planned but took on a life of it’s own. To begin with there were only 6 of them painted numbered Clearing 1 thru 6. I entered “Clearing 1″ into a juried show where it won a ribbon and was purchased by the Plymouth Rock Movie Studio for their collection. At the time I kept refering to the series as “blurred landscapes” which I wasn’t all too fond of. When I came up with “blurscape” no one really liked the term and believed it wasn’t catchy or easy to say. Months later at a dinner party at my home a guest was commenting on my work and I told him it was a blurscape and left it at that. An hour later while he was talking about my work he said “I really like those blurscapes of yours”. It was then I knew that it stuck and from then on they’ve always been blurscapes.
Some interesting facts on the first 100 Blurscapes:
  • There are only 3 hilltop blurscapes which feature a hilltop and no trees. 2 of them are in my private collection.
  • There are roughly 7 night blurscapes.
  • There is only 1 winter blurscape that depicts snow.
  • The largest blurscape is 7ft wide.
  • There is only 1 blurscape that depicts a skyline of a city.
  • Only 2 blurscapes have water in them.
So there’s a little recap of the past 100 blurscapes. Hope you enjoyed!

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