“John creates beautiful abstract paintings unlike anything I have seen before; his “Blurscape” series is an innovative take on traditional landscape paintings. He clearly paints with a deep passion for his art.” - F.T. Boston, MA

“I found John Diehl’s artwork online and it stood out as unique and special amongst the rest. I purchased a painting from the online website not having any experience with this form of purchasing art. I was very happy when I received it quickly and it was packed and shipped well. It was even nicer in person and the technique and quality were highly sophisticated. I immediately felt a sense of serenity when I placed it on the wall in my home and the colors and stillness of the landscape scene had a soothing affect on me and those who have experienced it.

I was so happy with it that I soon purchased another painting for my office. The painting I purchased not only appealed to me but my staff also enjoyed it immensely.I decided to commission John to paint a much larger painting that I could place in my office as well. I just received my third painting and it is fantastic. It is great to have this sense of calm the paintings create in a very hectic business environment. John’s paintings are deeply beautiful and his professionalism and consideration of his customers satisfaction are quite refreshing. I highly recommend him as an artist and professional businessman.” - T.B. New York City, NY

John Diehl Art for Sale“John, I received my painting today and it’s absolutely stunning!  Thank you so much.  I had it delivered to my job and people here have been drooling over it.  Don’t be surprised if you get a lot more business coming your way!” - J.R. Los Angeles, CA

“The painting is a fabulous addition to our new home as it creates warmth and depth.  We love it and love having a piece of New England with us every day. Thanks!” - C.T. New York City, NY

“I think these paintings are wonderful, they make me feel like I am in a poem.” - K.B. Chicago, IL

“Hi John, just wanted you to know that I received your painting and wow…it is literally like taking a deep breath. I hung it in the middle of a collage I made recently, that really needed some breathing space and it has completed that vision for me in a way I never imagined. Thank you for depicting a beautiful moment in time…It is uplifting to me in more ways than I can say.  John Cage says, “Art is not self expression; it is self alteration.” Your painting has given me the next step in my own journey of transformation. Thousand blessings.” - R.U. Newark, NJ

“John’s knifescape paintings combine vivid colors and rich textures to produce an effect that is actually, to me, very understated. I see subtle suggestions of place and mood, and the combination of color, texture, and subtlety is quite beautiful and interesting. I am the proud owner of several Diehls, and I look forward to adding to my art collection.” - K.V. Houston, TX

“I received the painting yesterday. It’s beautiful! We put it above our fireplace. We’ve been looking at that blank space for a while and this is perfect. Lovely work.” - A.W. Salt Lake City, UT

“John is a great painter. I purchased one of his contemporary paintings for a very reasonable price. That piece is proudly hanging on my wall today.  I am especially fond of his blurscapes. I hope to buy a companion piece to the one I own, sometime in the future.” - K.S. Boston, MA

“Hi John,  Just wanted to let you know that the painting arrived safely, and it’s great! It reminds me of the view out the passenger’s window of a fast-moving car-a view familiar to me, with many associations-some very sad, some very happy. It also evokes a feeling of leaving and moving on, beginnings, endings. I wish you the best with your fine work and hope to be able to add a second piece to my “collection” one day.  Thanks so much!” - G. F. Walnut Creek, CAOriginal Contemporary John Diehl Oil Painting

“We just received the painting and it’s wonderful! Thank you again.” - S.R. Orlando, FL

“Just got the painting and I love it!” - E.L. Denver, CO

“John—it’s AWESOME—and a perfect fit.  Totally stoked.  Thanks 10,000 times for the awesome painting!” –R.H. Los Angeles, CA

“I love the quiet, peaceful but “mysterious-ness” of the painting.” - H.S. Metairie, LA

“The painting is amazing.  Thank you very much!” - K.L. New York City, NY

“It’s hard to just say a few things about John’s work that are his best attributes. I could say so much more. I purchased a gorgeous oil painting from him for my daughter’s birthday and he was very personable as well as professional. I plan to purchase more art in the very near future.” - J.C. Miami, FL

“John’s work is great! Paintings were shipped promptly and in great condition.” - J.W. Los Angeles, CA

“John, I’ve got the painting. Looks great!  I’m very happy with it.” - N.D. New York City, NY

Original Landscape Oil Painting by John Diehl

“I bought three original paintings from John and the paintings arrived quickly and undamaged. The paintings go great in my house!” - L.W. Chicago, IL

“John, I wanted to let you know that I received the paintings today.  They are great!  I wish you lots of luck and success with your art.” - A.W. New Orleans, LA

“I bought a piece of art from John for a very reasonable price yet it looks great on my wall and I’ve received positive comments from several people about it. I’m very happy with this purchase.” - D.A. Washington D.C.

“John Diehl painted a beautiful knife-painting for me in the colors of my choice, (spring greens) which I requested after purchasing one of his already completed works which I absolutely loved. The quality of his work and the grasp of how colors work together draws me into the picture, and gives me a momentary break from reality. John was very professional in the ordering process, and kept me updated as to the status of my order. It was well worth the wait. I will be ordering more paintings from him in the future.” - L.C. New York City, NY

John Diehl Blurscape“Until I found John I would not have believed that I could find such a fine work at anything close to what I could afford.  John Diehl provided me with an oil painting, the abstract nature and rich detail of which has made its charm enduring. I have received numerous compliments from my guests on how well the work belongs in my living room and continue to be very pleased with John’s work even as time goes by.” - T.E. San Francisco, CA

“Hi John,  My wife and I unpacked and hung the painting yesterday.  We are really pleased, it’s just as we had hoped.  Love the sense of motion.   The glimpse of a passing moment. Somehow this fires the imagination far more than a static/in focus painting would do.  Just what I have been looking for: I wanted something that captured the sensation of looking out of a car window at speed.  We think you nailed it!  Your service and communication was top notch too: I would not hesitate to recommend your business to others. Thanks!” - J.P. London, UK

“My husband and I just bought Clearing 413 and we love it! You are very talented. We look forward to seeing what you produce in the future!” - L.D. New York City, NY