New John Diehl Paintings Delivered

Over the course of the past week I delivered over 30 paintings between 2 states forming a triangle from the Cape, Providence, and Boston. Now it’s time for a little recap and rest before I start my next collection. This past weekend was the Chelsea Art Walk which was a great time and I received a lot of feedback on my work(plus thanks to my friends for coming out). It’s always refreshing to be exhibiting with other artists and discussing ideas. I met 2 artists Scott and Katrina from Alternate Currents which is a company that cultivates and promotes one voice for the thriving Boston arts community. I enjoyed both their work and they were also great company.

With the Chelsea Art Walk over I now have new paintings available on my website such as:

“Tempo 20″ 24″x18″ Oil on Canvas $300

And “Clearing 60″ 26″x26″ Oil on Canvas SOLD

With the delivery of all the new paintings I’m freed up to paint again which I have a series of 8 medium sized canvases almost ready to go. I’ll make sure to post a blog on how I build and stretch all my own canvas as well. Until then check out the new paintings on and let me know what you think!
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  1. michelle says:

    ooo, i’m looking forward to hearing about how you stretch your own canvas…

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