New John Diehl Painting Series | Etherscapes

With the new year comes a brand new series of paintings. I proudly present the “Etherscapes”. I debuted 7 of these paintings at the Roffi Salon on Newbury St. back in December during my 2nd solo show there.

The “Etherscapes” are truly vibrant and heavily detailed. Painted with enamel paint these paintings have a great contemporary look and feel. The Etherscapes are now available for sale on my website at
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5 Responses to New John Diehl Painting Series | Etherscapes

  1. Faith Towers says:

    oooh I like these! Great new concept.


  2. Barbara says:

    Beautiful work!

  3. Rebecca Rabb says:

    John, your work is beautiful and inspiring. It is also encouraging to hear about your exhibits. As a young artist myself, its nice to see other young artists fighting for a place in the art world. I am also an intern for and plan on posting your site on our forum :) . you should check it out.

    I also just got up my own website and would love for you to take a look at my work and hear what you think!

  4. Raul "Rez" Barquet says:

    Are these on canvas or wood panels?

  5. John Diehl says:

    These particular paintings are on canvas where as I also do this style on wood panels as well.

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