Mashpee Commons Art Gallery | New Paintings

     With such a busy art schedule this month I was able to find some time to deliver 3 paintings to a new art gallery opening in the Mashpee Commons down on the Cape.  It’s a beautiful space in a great location(looking at the picture above it’s actually the storefront below the clocktower).  The gallery “The House Dressing” is looking to officially open on June 1st.  The art gallery already has a great eclectic mix of paintings fit for anyone’s art collection.  The Mashpee Commons has great shopping and restuarants so next trip down to the Cape you should definately stop in a make a day/evening of it.
    For this weekend I have the Chelsea Art Walk which looks to be a great/busy show.  I’ll make sure to post some pictures from it when I get back next week.
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