Marilyn Monroe Portrait Oil Painting

"Monroe" oil on canvas, 32"x32" by John Diehl 2011


One of the most iconic images of the past century is none other than the famous Marilyn Monroe.  Known to millions as a movie star she also rose to iconic fame and pop art status, thank to Andy Warhol.  With such a dynamic look and dramatic lightning it’s no wonder I felt drawn to painting a contemporary portrait of Marilyn Monroe.  With my signature portrait colors and blurred edges I have made the American icon my own.


  1. Nick Swift

    being colorblind, I find your portraits remarkable. I really enjoy your style.


    • Diehl Art Gallery

      Thanks Nick, great to hear that you enjoy my portrait of Marilyn Monroe. I’ve always been drawn to monochromatic art and paintings so it’s nice to know someone else likes it too.

  2. im doing an assignment on this picture and i need to know the date when you painted it if you can tell me please haha

    • by the way i really love it :P

    • Diehl Art Gallery

      Hi Dakota, great to hear from you and that you love the painting. I painted this portrait of Marilyn Monroe in April of 2011. All the best.

  3. maybe you can help me with a few more questions with my project,
    when did you start painting?
    who influenced you with this painting?
    maybe give me a little bio on yourself :P

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