Landscape Paintings for Sale

This week I’ve uploaded quite a few new landscape oil paintings for sale.  These blurscapes range from the simple open air landscapes to dynamic clouds and colors.Clearing 283 John Diehl Oil Painting for SaleAbove is “Clearing 283″ which features dynamic cloud formations.  As of recent I’ve begun experimenting and playing with cloud features in my oil paintings.  This original oil painting measures 26″x38″ which is one of my standard size paintings.  The pink skies have increased in popularity as many people find that time of day to be the most peaceful and relaxing.  With the sky lit up and the foreground dark it makes for a very dynamic piece of art.  Painting skies has been one of my most favorite subjects and with the addition of clouds it has continued to hold my interest.  See more art for sale in my online art gallery.

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