Ugalley Paintings for SaleThroughout my art career I have worked with various galleries whether they were traditional brick and mortar or online art galleries.  One of my favorite online art galleries that I have sold my oil paintings on is  These people really love art and have assembled a great website full of fantastic art for sale from artists all over the world.

I love working with UGallery as it allows my work to be seen and purchased from anywhere in the world.  I recently had the pleasure of them carrying my blurscape oil paintings at the Affordable Art Fair in New York City which they proceeded to sell out my work before the show was over.  UGallery is located in San Francisco and maintain a small physical gallery and through their website sell art online all over the world.  Check out and see my paintings for sale in my portfolio.

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  1. Kurt Yalcin

    John! You rock! We love having you on UGallery too! Thanks so much for the post.

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