John Diehl Exhibit | Warwick Museum of Art

Last night I had the great opportunity to exhibit two of my Blurscape oil paintings at the Warwick Museum of Art in Rhode Island. It was the first nice day weather-wise in weeks and we had a great turnout. The exhibit entitled “The Living is Easy” is a summer themed show that will run until July 3rd. The two Blurscape paintings of mine on exhibit are “Clearing 69″ and “Clearing 31″:

For you collectors out there “Clearing 31″ (on the right) is the lowest number blurscape available and is sure to be a collectible due to its rare layout. So if you haven’t made your way down to the Warwick Museum of Art I suggest you do so, it’s an easy ride right off of Rt. 95. When you stop by let me know what you think!
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