Henry VIII Painting Exhibit

Join us Saturday evening on February 12th from 7-9pm for the opening reception for Stephen F. Smalley’s “Henry VIII” painting exhibit.  Wine and light refreshments will be served.  The exhibit will be on display from Feb 12th - March 5th.

Henry VIII Painting Exhibit Stephen F. Smalley

"Henry VIII Tattoo" by Stephen F. Smalley

Turning 70 this April, Smalley was raised in Boston, then Quincy, and over thirty years ago, he maintained a studio of several years on the top floor of the building that house Diehl Art Gallery , a former Odd Fellows Hall.  With this exhibition, cherished memories of the building are re-awakened and include his experience of boarding up his studio windows as the Blizzard of ’78 raged outside.

His current series focuses on the legendary British monarch, Henry VIII, and attempts to playfully re-invent Hans Holbein’s portraits of pivotal figure in England’s history.  In January 2009, Smalley visited the Tower of London to view wall graffiti signed by a presumed ancestor, Edwarde Smalley who was briefly held at the Tower, C. 1569.  Smalley has visited London and the United Kingdom numerous times over the years, conducting art history study tours, serving as a faculty associate in the Bridgewater State University program at Oxford, and generally delighting in the blend of popular culture and stateliness of Ol’Blighty.

Smalley graduated for the Massachusetts College of Art, State College at Boston, and Pennsylvania State University with teaching posts in the Cambridge Public Schools, Pennsylvania State University, Tyler School of Art and Bridgewater State University as well as the Massachusetts College of Art and the American College in Paris.  Joining the BSU faculty in 1972, he served as art department chair, 1972-1984, and retired from full-time teaching in 2005.  As emeritus professor, he continues to offer honors art history colloquia.

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