Diehl Art Gallery | Featured Artist: Eli Helman

Diehl Art Gallery is pleased to announce it’s First Featured Artist: Eli Helman! Eli Helman is a “Maximalist” pen and ink artist. Helman’s art is visually packed and has so much detail that it’s overwhelming great to experience in person. The level and attention to detail of Eli Helman’s drawings make them extremely special and very unique. If you have ever doodled while at school or work you will soon see that “maximalist” drawing is not just a regular doodle but an actual work of art that requires a massive amount of skill, time, and dedication. Eli’s drawings all have the attributes and are a true joy to experience.

The opening reception for Eli Helman will be held at Diehl Art Gallery on Friday July 16 from 7-10pm. Food and wine will be served and everyone is encouraged to bring guests to this great art exhibit!
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