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One of my favorite aspects of selling art online is the amount of people I can share my artwork with.  Without the internet I would only have access to a certain amount of people in my general area but with my website a multitude of people can have access to contemporary art and shop from their home.  Some people feel intimidated by the traditional art galleries and may not feel comfortable even looking around in one.  Sitting at your computer however you can browse from the comfort of your home or office.  One of my most popular series of paintings is the “Blurscapes” which are my contemporary landscape oil paintings and this week I have a special painting to share: “Clearing 200″

"Clearing 200" original landscape oil painting by artist John DiehlI’ve held onto this painting for quite awhile not knowing if I would make it available for sale.  This is the 200th painting in the series and to make it special I painted this piece in a monochromatic sepia tone.  ”Clearing 100″ was painted in black and white so I thought for the 200th painting I would do something a little bit similar.  ”Clearing 200″ measures 32″x32″ and is a great medium/large size painting.  After much thought I’ve decided to offer this painting for sale as I still have “Clearing 100″.   To see if this original oil painting is for sale check out my paintings for sale.

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