Art for Sale

All paintings for sale come signed and ready to hang.  FREE UPS ground shipping on all paintings and paypal is accepted for safe online payments.  If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]

Blurscape Oil Paintings for Sale: John Diehl’s most highly collected series of paintings known as the “Blurscapes”.  These original oil paintings are a contemporary take on landscape painting.  The number in each title mark the number of the painting in the series.  For example “Clearing 246″ is the 246th painting in the series.  By numbering the paintings it is easier for collectors, curators, and buyers to know where they are in the series.

Small Blurscape Oil Paintings for Sale: Measuring 20″x20″ framed these Blurscape oil paintings are the perfect size for the small spaces on your wall in your home or office.

Painting Sale: Up to 50% OFF

Large Paintings for Sale: Large bold contemporary paintings that can cover a lot of wall space and make a statement.  Perfect for those large walls in your home, corporate office, or lobby.

The John Diehl “Contemporary Painting Collection”

John Diehl’s iconic monochromatic oil paintings that feature his 21st century contemporary style.

Marilyn Monroe Portrait

"Monroe" oil on canvas 32"x32" John Diehl 2011


Nighthawks Edward Hopper Oil Painting

"Nighthawks" oil on canvas 35"x62" John Diehl 2011


American Flag Oil Painting

"American Flag, 2011" oil on canvas 34"x64" John Diehl 2011


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