Artists in the Arboretum 2011

Clearing 345 John Diehl Oil Painting

"Clearing 345" oil on canvas 42"x32" John Diehl 2011

Join us this September 21 - October 23 at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University for a great fall art exhibit.  ”Artist in the Arboretum 2011″ features 22 artists’ inspired works from the collection and grounds of the Arnold Arboretum.   Pictured to the left is “Clearing 345″ which is the selected piece for the exhibition.  This Blurscape painting is also the featured image on the exhibition postcard.

The Opening reception will be held Wednesday September 21 from 6-8pm.  Food will be served.  The beautiful grounds of the Arnold Arboretum can’t be missed as the expansive 265 acres are filled with rich trees, flowers, and water features.  In this art show the following artists will be featuring works as well:  Susan Johnson Bergin, Kurtis Brown, Alexander Budnitz, Jennifer Burnham, Deb Coolidge, John Diehl, Bob Evans, Susan CB Hampton, Susan Hardy Brown, Betsey Henkels, Alexander Korman, John Maciejowski, John Merrill, Candice Amber Milionis, John Nunziato, Maggie Redfern, William H. Scully, Rebecca Skinner, Regina Valluzzi, Maureen Vezina and Christine Wirth.  This exhibit will also be open during the Jamaica Plain open studios.

Arnold Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Located in the Jamiaca Plain and Rosindale neighborhoods of Boston, the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.  The arboretum which was founded in 1872 is the second largest link of the Emerald Necklace of Boston.  The living collection numbers almost 15,000 plants which include species from North America as well as Eastern Asia.  The arboretum is open everyday 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset.  Admission to the Arnold Arboretum is free and walking tours are available as well for visitors which include guided and unguided tours.  Also, the Arnold Arboretum houses it’s own extensive horticultural library and archives.  With such diverse seasons in New England the arboretum is a great place to watch the seasons change.  The vastness of this park is reason enough to revisit and explore.

Arnold Arboretum

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