American Flag Oil Painting

"American Flag" oil on canvas 34"x64" John Diehl 2011

One of the most iconic American symbols and most recognizable flags of the world is the flag of the United States of America.  I painted this original oil painting for my solo corporate art exhibit at the Fidelity Investments headquarters in Boston.  Measuring over 5 feet wide and painted in my contemporary monochromatic style this American Flag painting is quite large and imposing.  Probably one of the most famous American Flag paintings was done by the artist Jasper Johns entitled “Flag” which was painted between 1954 and 1955.  Even though Jasper Johns “Flag” painting was of a popular image he never considered it to be a part of pop art.

The iconic value of the American Flag was what inspired me to paint it.  Also, the stripes of the flag lent themselves well to my soft edged painting style that is found in my “Blurscapes”.  The white stripes remained white while the rest of the American Flag become monochromatic as seen in my contemporary portrait paintings.  This painting is currently for sale for $1250.  Shipping and handling are extra so please contact me prior to purchase so I can give a quote on the shipping and handling costs.

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